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50% of British women make love once a month or less

Posted on Aug 16, 2017

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  • One in 10 has sex only once a year at most, while half make love once a month or less.
  • Just 10 per cent said they had sex at least once a week.
  • Only 17 per cent of women says they are very satisfied.
  • A quarter of all women said they on occasion avoided sex for the reason that they were too tired.
  • 13 per cent did so because they were too anxious,
  • 11 per cent due to a lack of intimacy with their partner,
  • 11 per cent because sex was painful.
  • Six per cent said their partner had issues, such as erectile dysfunction.
  • 27 per cent – mostly those who were single, divorced or widowed – said they never had sex.
  • A quarter of them said they were dissatisfied, including 11 per cent who were very dissatisfied.

The survey establishes that the 30 to 44 age group are the least pleased with their sex lives, despite having sex the most frequently.

Half of those aged 65 to 80 declined to say how often they had sex, considering it a private matter.

Experts said many pairs find sex an inconvenience because they are too exhausted or busy to make it enjoyable.

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